It’s here Telegram 6.2, the new version of the app for Android and iOS and as usual, comes with a mix of new features ranging from the truly practical to the most subtle, including various nonsense. But do not take nonsense in a pejorative way, because the world would be very boring without them or, as defined by the SAR in the fourth meaning of the term, without “things of little importance or importance”, which, however, on many occasions

Telegram 6.2 arrives, in fact, shortly after it was announced that the company is working to incorporate video calls, the function that is most missed on Telegram and that will be ready for this year. Hence, the small changes that this new version brings know little, although there are interesting ones for those who use the service in a personal way, as well as for those who do it for more serious tasks. To all this, did you know that you can follow everything we publish from Telegram? Take note (and subscribe!):

We will now talk about the news of Telegram 6.2, among which the new multimedia editing options, especially when it comes to video editing, including the possibility of “automatically improving the quality of the video with two taps or manually adjusting a dozen parameters, such as brightness or saturation”. And to be able to tune like never before, zoom on photos or videos.

The animated stickers, one of the most popular elements of the application, become more relevant in Telegram 6.2, since from now on it is possible to add them to any photo or video, resulting in a GIF. AND talking about GIFThe panel has also been enhanced “with a new section of highlights and emoji-based tabs covering the most popular emotions.” If you want to save some, you just have to press and hold on it to save it in the recent tab.

Finally, the great ‘nonsense’ of Telegram 6.2 will only be seen if you access “Settings> Privacy and security> Two-step verification” and create or modify the password. There awaits you a very sensitive monkey for your privacy … And so far we can read. You will have to see it for yourself.

But Telegram 6.2 comes with other changes that will be well received by the most intensive users of the application: to highlight the improvement in folder management, which is now made easier by allowing you to add or remove chats by pressing and holding them and dragging; and a couple of ‘treats’ for Android: smoother animations and more efficient cache management that you can unravel in a second by taking a look at “Settings> Data and storage> Storage usage”.

And that’s it. Telegram continues to improve with each new version they release and more and more users are encouraged to take the plunge. Have you already done it?


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