In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the refugees and displaced persons are part of the most vulnerable population worldwide, but far from being victimized, many of them have demonstrated the importance of their role in the countries of occupation, addinge to the fight to end the coronavirus. As happened at the Za’atari Refugee Camp Innovation Laboratory in Jordan, where they built a robot with pure Lego pieces.

The little android, about 20 centimeters high, carries a disinfectant bottlee on your lap. Their mission is to serve as antibacterial gel dispenser, so that people do not have tooca bottle by disinfecting hands, but also, he is highly educated. Every time someone engages in your services, the aUtoman made with colored Lego bricks, encourages the rest of the refugee community to use it, saying: “Good job, thanks!”


According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the robot, was an initiative of ‘Marwan ’, the laboratory’s Syrian refugee coach, along with other Syrian displaced people studying robotics, with the goal of being ayhelp prevent the coronavirus and contribute to the global effort to control the disease, at the same time that they demonstrate that even with their refugee status, they can play a leading role by serving as support to the local community.

The best thing is that they did not have to invest a lot to build it, it is made entirely with Lego pieces, “we even use them to protect the brain ”, says ‘Marwan’. They only needed one motion sensor So that every time someone puts their hand, the robot dispenses a small dose of antibacterial gel.


Obviously, his small great contribution to try to end the spread of COVID-19, has gone around the world due to the great impact it has at the moment. We all want a dispensing robot like this. “Even people with robotics experience, they asked us about the design and programming of this robot, and we as refugees, as humans, we must help and we offered them this information and then they made more than one robot, “concludes the Syrian refugee.


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