Microsoft will return to the mobile hardware market with the Surface Duo. If it is not delayed as it has happened with the Surface Neo, it should be on the market by Christmas 2020. And it is relevant, considering that it will be the Microsoft’s first Android mobile.

Nadella said years ago, when Microsoft left the mobile phone business in the face of the Nokia and Windows Mobile fiasco, that they would return when they had something “unique and innovative” to present and that set them apart from the competition. The executive will fulfill his promise halfway … There are already a few folding on the market and the use of Android (although very tuned) limits this “innovation”, as if it had happened if the bet had been for a system like Windows 10 X. every case will be a very special device.

Conceived -as little- since 2018, the terminal won’t use the most advanced chipset on the market, it will not be the most advanced in design, nor will it support 5G networks or the new Wi-Fi 6 standard, according to the table of final specifications that we have recently met.

Surface Duo 2: next generation

Understanding that Microsoft will continue betting on this line of own mobiles and that a Surface Duo 2 will arrive on the market sooner rather than later, from the German site Ratenzahlung-Online they have presented an improved design in a conceptual video that shows us an extremely attractive terminal and solution for the deficiencies of the official original.

The concept includes design changes and reduced screen bezels. It also includes a dual-sender main camera system and a new notification strip on the external display to show essential information without opening the device. Welcome changes that should be accompanied by an updated chipset with support for the latest Wi-Fi and 5G. All manufacturers will launch terminals with support for fifth generation mobile broadband networks in 2020 and Microsoft’s mobile will be off the hook.

Another of the big changes for this Surface Duo 2 would be Windows 10X. Something a group of users asked for on when it became known that Microsoft would use Android. The request is convincing, but it will be difficult to see it implemented if Microsoft has assessed the current situation and does not want to risk suffering another failed Windows Phone.

Everything indicates that the other foldable, Surface Neo (and the rest of the devices with the same system) has been delayed precisely because of the problems of this Windows 10X in the execution of software.


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