An interesting project developed by fans has allowed the creation of a version of Super Mario 64 adapted to run natively for PC that not only works perfectly on said platform, but also integrates the latest technologies of the sector.

It is a project that does not have official authorization from Nintendo, which means that this version of Super Mario 64 could have serious legal consequences for those responsible if the big N decides to take action and take them to court. We will not provide any kind of download link, and I ask that you do the same.

Returning to the technical plane, this version of Super Mario 64 is compatible with the DirectX 12 API and works smoothly under Windows 10. The graphic finish maintains all the essence of the classic Nintendo 64, and has all the levels of this version. However, it is compatible with ReShade and Pascal Gilcher mods, allowing you to improve graphic quality and use ray tracing.

This is what Super Mario 64 looks like with ray tracing

As we can see in the attached video the use of ray tracing improves the quality of shadows, lighting effects and reflections. The result is good, but since it is such an old game it does not always fit as expected. It is perfectly normal, after all, both the modeling of characters and settings and the texturing of them has not received any improvement.

Regarding performance, it seems that we have nothing to worry about, since although we apply Super Mario 64 ray tracing it is a game so old that practically any current PC can move it without problem with an absolute fluidity. The author of the video that we accompany has used a PC equipped with a Core i7 7700K, which has four cores and eight threads, and a GeForce GTX 1080 and has managed to exceed 500 frames per second.

It is easy to get very high frame rates in this adaptation, but it seems that it gives stability problems and that the game works “accelerated” when a certain threshold is exceeded, so to avoid this type of errors it is recommended to run it with the 30 FPS lock activated.

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