After calculating the increase of almost 950,000 new VR units registered on Steam between the months of March and April, apparently thanks to the enormous boost of Valve Index and Half-Life: Alyx, the gaming platform has just announced withdrawal of SteamVR support for Mac computers, with a really short running, after its first premiere in 2017.

This move was announced late last week in a short post on the SteamVR news blog where it barely grabbed a concise phrase: “SteamVR has ended support for macOS so that our team can focus on Windows and Linux.” However, Mac users will still have access to some of the functions, yes, through the «Legacy Builds» or betas.

Thus, this measure could mean a new setback in the already bumpy and slow expansion of virtual reality games, since even with the sum of these latest users and titles, it seems that there is still a long way to go before it is finished perfecting and standardize this technology. And is that with more than 2.7 million VR headsets, these still they represent only 1.9% percent of all Steam users.

Still, just as VR users have seen an exceptional spike thanks to the release of Half-Life: Alyx, concurrent Steam users have also experienced some recent spikes and connection records during these months of confinement, so These figures could really change again in the coming months.

What is clear is that the VR industry has shown tremendous potential and capabilities, and a still-present interest among gamers. Reason why the latest alliance between HP, Microsoft and Valve, three of the four main players in this sector, make us think that we will soon see the long-awaited “boom” of these devices. And you, what kind of game are you looking forward to playing in VR?


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