With the next generation of consoles just around the corner, we can’t help but remember that these will be the latest models based on the classic game model, with both companies already promised the future leap to cloud gaming. And it is that the increasingly high cost of hardware is increasingly pushing the industry to create its own servers and services such as Stadia, xCloud, PlayStation NOW or GeForce Now, which Valve could soon join, with your Steam Cloud Gaming service.

At the end of last year we saw the first lines of code leaked on GitHub, where the reference to Cloud Gaming appeared for the first time, with dialogs and alerts such as “You must accept the terms in the Steam Cloud Gaming Annex before continuing”, and your subsequent response “Thank you for signing the latest Steam Cloud Gaming Addendum. Click OK to continue. “

In addition, the latest rumors leaked on Pavel Djundik’s personal Twitter account (well-known Steam Database dataminer) show how in the latest update of the platform’s beta client, some were added direct references to this Cloud Gaming service, even showing some additional information that points to a subscription payment model (possibly limiting the maximum quality of streaming), as well as free trial access for a limited time.

Latest Steam client beta adds more support for Steam cloud gaming operations and timed trials. pic.twitter.com/EpdwXYVnCd

– Pavel Djundik (@thexpaw) May 25, 2020

While Steam continues to be the industry’s leading platform, the push for streaming and the new model of non-dependency on hardware, could lead to early obsolescence of your business model. Reason why Valve would already be starting to adapt and advance its own cloud gaming platform. Also, this could be a good opportunity for the return and reissue of the already retired Steam Link, which could now come back as a small virtual relay machine.

However, for the moment Valve has not made any official statement about Steam Cloud Gaming, although it should be noted that, since the first arrival of Google Stadia, rumors and leaks have been skyrocketing.

In addition to the clear approach to remote gaming shown by the Steam platform itself, where in recent months we have been able to see new cloud-based functions such as Link Anywhere or Remote Play.


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