Have passed no less than 8 years since Chris Roberts, the creator of the popular series Wing Commander and Freelancer, first announced his crowfunding and spiritual successor project, Star Citizen. An ambitious space simulation and first-person shooter game that, year after year, has been delaying its release date in search of adding new content and functions, until it has become one of the great unknowns of the Internet.

With a goal long overdue, it is surprising that the game still keeps its crowdfunding campaign open to new donations, having already accumulated more than 250 million dollars from its more than 2 million fans, who are already buying some additional content even though the game is still in an incomplete state.

And it is that many already know it as “The big scam”, arguing that the final game will never be released. However, beyond the numerous trailers and previews, it seems that finally the world will be able to see the true advances of Star Citizen. Now available and until next Tuesday, June 2, anyone can create an account and try some of the exclusive ships of this game, regardless of whether or not they have contributed to the patronage of the project.

So, this previous access brings a ray of hope for the last proposed release date, dated for the third quarter of this year. Although as they have been confirming in their latest newsletters, Star Citizen is still finalizing some essential developments, with the absence of some functions in both online and multiplayer story mode.

However, the latest confirmations from major movie and television stars such as Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Henry Cavill or Gary Oldman they point not only to a large-scale project, but to a game with a real desire to be launched.

At the moment we have no choice but to enjoy these few days of open beta and wait to see if, coinciding with the arrival of the new generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, Star Citizen finally keeps its date.


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