Despite the fact that the Google console failed to fulfill its launch promises, during these subsequent months we have been able to see how Stadia has been growing and maturing not only until reaching its first objectives, but even growing beyond. And it is that after achieving 4K quality transmissions through the use of official terminals and web browsers, now it seems that it would also be working on bring this cloud console to Android TV devices and services.

This has been advanced from 9to5Google, who through further inspection of the application code of the Google Play Store, affirm that the company is already preparing to add the option of these high-quality transmissions for Android televisions, together with its own integrated messaging application, thus offering a complete experience and in line with other modern gaming services such as PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

Aside from the ability to send text messages, this new Stadia platform would allow us share our captures, achievements and activity, in addition to the in-game voice chat function already present in the console application itself.

But undoubtedly the most interesting thing is the date of the discovery itself, which coincides with the current offer that extends the trial period to two free months prior to the subscription of Stadia Pro, with which Google would have already confirmed more than 225,000 potential players. . A figure that although it could still seem somewhat low compared to the millions of subscribers of its competition, it is still a significant improvement compared to the figures of its launch.

Although at the moment there are no clear indications or no official announcement of the specific arrival date Of these new features, Google’s recent strong bet appears to be on track to close a good 2020.


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