Spotify is the most popular streaming music service in the world, which obviously means there’s a lot of music lovers in there, whether they’re paying or not. Be that as it may, not everyone enjoys music in the same way, and just as there are those who give play to the first thing they throw at it, there are also people who create their own library of artists, albums and Favorite songs.

The most intense users in this sense were until now with a painful limit: 10,000 items, the maximum capacity of the service and that includes everything that has been added to the personal library, be it albums, songs or playlists – and the songs that compose them, of course. And although it may seem like a lot, it is not, when you have spent years adding everything you like and discovering new things every so often.

Well, that limit is over and, as reported on the Spotify community site, from now on you can add as many albums and songs as you like to your personal library. The company thus responds to one of the longest-running and most demanded requests by its users, despite the fact that they point out that only 1% of them usually reach this limit. It is no longer necessary to delete anything to make room.

They explain, yes, that the change will be gradual and will reach all its users in the coming days, so if you find yourself in the situation described and your library is on the verge of collapse, hold on a little that you will soon be able to continue accumulating favorites. However, there are still limits to the service that do not seem to be going away soon.

The limits that are maintained and that are also determined by 10,000 units They are, on the one hand, the number of songs that you can download to listen offline; and on the other, the maximum number of songs in any playlist. But they are quite generous limits and beyond the reach of the vast majority of users of Spotify or, already put, of any other music service.


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