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Spain is the second country in the world that has lost the most flights due to the coronavirus, According to Flight Data Analysis Firm OAG Aviation Worldwide. Spain has registered a 95% drop in its flights this April compared to the same month last year, only surpassed by Singapore, which has lost 97%.

They are followed by Hong Kong, Germany and the United Kingdom, all with falls greater than 93%, as shown in the following table.

In addition, the report highlights that airlines have cut their international capacity to 85%That is, half a million seats a week from about 5.9 million that they had before the coronavirus pandemic.

“And there is not much more international capacity that can fall around the world,” wrote OAG analyst John Grant.

At least strong domestic capacity does has helped soften declines in countries like the United States, Japan, and Indonesia, according to the expert, adding that 9 out of 10 seats scheduled for this week will be on domestic flights.

The total capacity of international and domestic flights it has fallen more than 70% since January, and could continue to drop much more next week because more cancellations are expected from the biggest airlines.

Companies in the sector have been warning for weeks that the difficult economic situation in which this situation places them, in which their box will not allow them to survive more than two months, on average, without financial help from governments, and that his bankruptcy would have a huge impact on the tourism sector, which is the main economic engine of Spain.

For this reason, the United States Government has announced a rescue agreement with the main passenger airlines in the country to alleviate the losses derived from the economic situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic, which will reach 25,000 million dollars.

For now, big airlines around the world they are already presenting two separate ERTE due to the coronavirus at the same time as they record large extraordinary losses in their accounts and try not to reimburse the tickets of the canceled flights to travelers, something that would also have a significant impact on their cashiers and that would add to the other costs that they have to follow assuming even if their planes don’t fly.

In this same sense, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned that half of his business will disappear due to the coronavirus crisis: Forecasts the revenues of the companies in the sector to fall 55% this year compared to 2019, while traffic will fall 48%.

This crisis is not only affecting airlines, but also other companies, from luxury brands to alcoholic beverages, among other dependents of airport duty free.

In addition, it is also in the center of the debate how you will gradually return to normalAlong these lines, some airlines have started to eliminate the central seats, so ticket prices could skyrocket.

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