The official magazine PlayStation UK has confirmed that Sony will present PS5 sometime next May, an information that fits perfectly with the leaks that we had been seeing and that makes, in fact, a lot of sense.

Microsoft has been the first to hit with the presentation of Xbox Series X, a console that has generated great expectations and that has even made an early demonstration of its potential by moving Gears 5 in 4K and Minecraft RTX in 1080p. Sony, by contrast, has only made a complete but summarized breakdown of the key specifications of PS5, so it is clear that it has to be the next to move tab.

I know this information does not come directly from Sony, but the reliability of the source is beyond questionIn fact, it clearly indicates that they will dedicate the June issue of the magazine to tell their readers all the news related to PS5 and that they will delve into both their first titles and their gameplay.

I think it is an interesting reference, as it suggests that the Japanese company going to emphasize the DualSense and in the possibilities that this new control system will offer. There is no doubt that the technical plan will also receive the attention it deserves, but it will share the limelight with the novelties of the new PS5 controller.

What can we expect from PS5

It is a new generation console, and as such will mark an important leap at a technical level. We already know their technical specifications, and in principle they should be more than enough to achieve:

Native 4K gaming with stable 60 FPS and improved graphics quality.
Hardware accelerated ray tracing.
Almost nonexistent loading times thanks to the SSD.
High-quality 3D sound thanks to the Tempest chip.
Compatibility with some of the major PS4 games.

Remains to be seen what type of chassis does Sony decide to use To maintain a good balance between design and cooling capacity, a very important issue since PS5 is going to mount high-performance components that are going to become “hot spots”. In this sense, the GPU stands out, which will work at a maximum of 2.23 GHz, and the SSD, which will be capable of reaching 5.5 GB / s.

During the presentation of the month of May we can finally solve this question, and Sony may decide to specify an exact launch date. The price of PS5 is still a mystery, but the latest information suggests that it will be around between 500 and 600 euros.


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