In these moments in which we are the vast majority at home, video games are a great distraction to all the news we hear on a daily basis. One One of the announcements that undoubtedly hurt the entire gamer community was the delay in launching The Last of Us Part II, Since since its premiere was announced the vast majority could no longer hold it because they had it in their hands and finish it as soon as possible, especially now.

Fortunately for everyone, It didn’t take long for Sony to announce that one of the second part of one of the company’s flagship video games would arrive this year., although they were still not very clear when, causing thousands of fans to ask for their refunds in the face of uncertainty. However, now we know that the wait will not be so long, as it is closer than many expected, Well, there were those who thought that we would see it flatly until next year with the launch of the PlayStation 5.

According to the portal, The Last Of Us Part II will be available on June 19. The announcement was made by the CEO of Worldwide Studios at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hermen Hulst, who thanked all the animators and people who were around the development of this video game for doing their best in circumstances not as favorable as those experienced by the coronavirus.

In addition to this title, Sony also confirmed that other video games like Ghost of Tsushima was moved to July 17., just one month after the second part of the popular Naughty Dog Studios video game opens. For now not much is known about the plot – as there is always one or the other that claims to have spoilers – however From the progress they showed some time ago at E3, it is clear to us that visually it will impact us.

Photo: Sony

So now you know, If you want to be the first to have The Last Of Us Part II and play it in these days of quarantine, please preorder it HERE because it will surely be one of the video games that will give us something to talk about this year. In the meantime check the trailer below:


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