While the first ever Sonic The Hedgehog (or Sonic the Movie) introductory trailer caused a huge roar and disappointment among fans, the Warner Bros studios not only managed to present a redesign of the masterful hedgehog, they even managed to locate their movie. as one of the latest blockbuster animation releases. So much so, that it seems that it has finally been officially confirmed the future arrival of a first sequel.

We will again have the direction of Jeff Fowler (main source of confirmation) and the script by Pat Casey and Josh Miller; And although for the moment no details about the cast have been revealed, we can assure with almost complete certainty that at least we will see Jim Carrey as the embodiment of Robotnik again.

In addition, the film itself already had a post-credits scene that predicted us the arrival of new characters from their video games such as Tails, the clever two-tailed flying fox, and Sonic’s best friend. However, doing a more complete retrospective of this first film, it seems that there would still be room to count on some other appearances.

What can we expect from Sonic the movie 2

While we all know these classic SEGA characters more than enough, the fact that the first film presented us with some of the details about Sonic’s past and history, sparked a new desire and curiosity among fans.

With just a few seconds on the screen, in the last moments before Sonic was sent to our planet, we could see the appearance of one of the Echidna tribes formed by masked red hedgehogs. And it is precisely this could be the first omen of a first appearance of Knuckles, who was originally introduced as one of the antagonistic characters in the game.

However, we cannot ignore our own Robotnik, who was exiled in another world, still has one of Sonic’s hairs. A fact that could give rise to other of the main villains of the hedgehog. Thus, using the original installments as a guideline, the most logical thing would be to wait for the evil doctor to find a way not only to escape his exile, but to return accompanied by Metal sonic, a machine capable of coping and matching the speed of the blue hedgehog.

In the same way, this would lead us in turn to the introduction of another of the main characters of the Sonic series: Amy. And it is that the first appearance of this pink hedgehog, and his subsequent infatuation with Sonic, arose as a result of the latter saving her from her robotic version.

With a cast that has been growing in a very numerous way over the years, and seen the success of the first installment, it would not be surprising that we finally end up seeing a trilogy, thus opening the door to other of the most loved characters by fans like Shadow. Although only time will tell. And you What character would you like to see in the next installment?


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