SoftMaker Office 2021 is the new edition of an office suite that, like the rest of the solutions that hit the market, aims to become an alternative to the great leader in the sector: Microsoft Office.

After a few months of beta testing, the German firm SoftMaker Software GmbH has announced the release of the final version of SoftMaker Office 2021, a commercial version of the productivity suite available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

The suite includes the three main applications of this type of software, the renewed versions of the text processor TextMaker 2021, the spreadsheet application PlanMaker 2021 and the presentation tool Presentations 2021. New templates have also been added to make document creation easy for beginners and new DTP-style features make it easy to create highly professional documents with ease.

The interface has also been updated especially in the Navigator sidebar for thumbnail use. For anyone who does a lot of document revisions, version control enhancements have been made that allow you to adjust the amount of automatic file backups that are performed. Another highlight of the latest version is the support for creating PDF files.

The company ensures that its development has everything a typical user needs and another important part comes from Full support for Microsoft Office file formats, since it uses DOCX, XLSX and PPTX as defaults. In this way, you can edit documents in Microsoft Office directly and without conversions.

SoftMaker Office 2021, versions and prices

The suite is offered in various versions as a single software package and also as a subscription model (NX) that can be purchased monthly or annually.

SoftMaker NX Home: 29.90 euros per year or 2.99 euros per month.
SoftMaker Office NX Universal: 39.95 euros per year or 4.99 euros per month. If you subscribe to this version, you can use it while the subscription remains valid and during it, all updates to the new versions will be included at no cost.
SoftMaker Office Professional 2021: 89.95 euros. (59.95 euros for updates from previous versions). Once purchased, the license is perpetual, while updates to the new versions available will be discounted.

All versions offer a free trial version in case you want to get closer to what this suite offers. Higher versions are marketed at a slightly discounted price for launch and include a full version of Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 with all licenses for 1 or 2 years.

Note that any of the licenses allows installation on up to five computers for the buyer or their relatives (with any combination of Windows, macOS and Linux) at the same time, as long as these computers belong to the same household.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

If, despite its advantages, you cannot afford to pay for a commercial version, the company offers a completely free version. Light, but quite complete, it has the essential features that a user would need and expect from a modern office suite. It was the first of the Microsoft Office alternative suites offered compatibility with your formats, being able to read and write without problems.

Its interface is attractive; offers the user a choice between a classic look (with toolbars and menus) or a modern look (with a Microsoft ribbon), in addition to using tabs to edit multiple documents. It includes export capacity for EPUB (conversion of documents in electronic books) and it has a portable installation in USB for use anywhere. It has versions for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Do you need more free alternatives? Be sure to review our guide with alternatives to Microsoft Office for local and online use, with Google Docs and LibreOffice as featured developments.


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