By now, virtually everyone has a laptop, a smartphone, and probably a tablet as well. And although we can synchronize files and documents via the internet, it is not always easy integrate these devices each.

Those responsible for NexDock They have found a hardware or peripheral solution for your smartphone or tablet. The idea is not new, as there are past examples, but in this case it seems to be a solution to consider.

It’s about offering the case of a laptop. As it is. Its screen, in this case touch screen, its keyboard and trackpad, speakers and battery. But nothing else. The memory, the processor and everything else is provided by the device you connect, be it a smartphone, a tablet or even a Raspberry Pi.

As simple as connecting your smartphone to NexDock using a USB cable and you will get a fully functional laptop. Or if you prefer, a second screen with keyboard, trackpad and touch functions.

A very complete second screen

The combinations are varied. You can connect your smartphone to the TV to use the latter as a second screen, connect it to your PC or Mac to use the phone as an external disk, connect it to a computer monitor … But this time, the second screen is much more, since it does the times of external battery, keyboard, trackpad and speakers.

NexDock It started in 2016 as a crowdfunding funded project. Back then, its first model consisted of a 14-inch screen, keyboard and trackpad, webcam, and various inputs. From his appearance, he remembered a MacBook Air with the classic white case MacBook.

His second model, NexDock 2It mimics the style of the MacBook Air with a metallic finish. HD screen, keyboard and trackpad, USB-C inputs … It even offers a magnetized piece with which to place the smartphone on the screen.

And his newest project is called NexDock Touch, It has been presented this June and will be available from August 31, 2020. 14 inches, touch screen and international keyboard. Its price? $ 249 plus shipping.

In case you want to use Android smartphones in desktop mode, it should be noted that not all models have this mode. On this page you can check the compatible models. So those devices will take advantage NexDock as a second screen to work as a PC to use. The rest will work like a normal Android but with the obvious improvements: better screen, physical keyboard, etc.

Definitely, NexDock and its version NexDock Touch They will help you turn your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad or Raspberry Pi into a fully functional laptop. On their Vimeo channel they even try it with stickers like Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV combining it with your smartphone. Or, better yet, combine it with a Chromebook-type laptop to use it as a second screen.


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