AVM has made FRITZ! OS one of the great hallmarks of its FRITZ! Box routers. This operating system is a clear example of the importance of good software to achieve optimal use of state-of-the-art hardware.

We already know that it is useless to have very powerful hardware if we do not have software that is capable of taking advantage of it. Think, for example, of a top-of-the-range PC with an operating system that cannot squeeze its components. Terrible, right? Well, routers are not an exception, these devices are “independent”, they mount their own components and they need software that is up to the task.

That’s where AVM’s FRITZ! OS comes in, a Linux-based operating system that makes an important difference and represents great added value on all FRITZ! Box routers. Do you want to discover everything that AVM FRITZ! OS offers? Well read on, we are going to explain it to you in detail in this article.

1.-FRITZ! OS from AVM: a simple but powerful interface

This operating system integrates seamlessly into any browser and has a very simple and intuitive interface. Thanks to it it turns out very easy to use, and it has a complete range of functions and sections that will allow us to have everything under control with just a few clicks.

For example, we can see what version of FRITZ! OS we have installed, check if there are updates available, review active connections and what devices are using our network, access important details about the ports, make adjustments in a simple way through the different integrated tabs (Internet, Wi-Fi, home network, system, diagnosis, telephony and DECT) and we will have support from different assistants that facilitate us to carry out numerous modifications.

With FRITZ! OS you can have your entire network under control effortlessly, control connected home automation devices and you will access a lot of advanced functions with a simple click.

2.-First-class Wi-Fi under your control

AVM FRITZ! OS works smartly for a premium Wi-Fi network. This operating system has a automatic selection function of the best wireless channel, it has a flexible adjustment of the bandwidth and also identifies who is using the different channels and avoids them, moving the connection to those that are less saturated.

This means that our FRITZ! Box, and the FRITZ! OS operating system, they work smart and altogether to always use the least saturated channels and offer us the best possible Wi-Fi connection, but this is not all, there is still more.

AVM FRITZ! OS is ready to take advantage of all the advantages offered by Wi-Fi Mesh connectivity and it has additional functions that are very useful, such as timers that enable and disable Wi-Fi at specific times, and prioritizes the playback of video on demand content from platforms such as Netflix or Amazon, so that we always enjoy an optimal experience.

3.-Create your personal cloud and enjoy new functions

With the FRITZ! NAS application, which is fully integrated with FRITZ! OS, we can turn our FRITZ! Box into a NAS storage system to create our own cloud. As many of our regular readers will know, AVM also offers a wide set of free applications that will allow us to get more out of our devices, known as FRITZ! Apps.

AVM regularly updates the FRITZ! OS operating system, adding new features that improve performance and security. Therefore, it is recommended to have the FRITZ! Box configured to install updates automatically, since this way we will not have to bother to search regularly.

FRITZ! OS also allows us to access numerous parental control options for limit both the time of use and the websites that our children can access, and allows us to easily create a guest network for our visits.

Another important value is in the optimization of the VPN (Virtual Private Network) functions of the FRITZ! Box. We can assign a different name to each of the VPN connections, and the “Full Tunneling” function of the FRITZ! Box allows us to allow all network traffic to pass through the remote equipment of the VPN connection.

With FRITZ! OS 7.10 we can create a VPN connection from one FRITZ! Box to another, which can be accessed through IPv4, in the DS Lite connection (external IPv6 address, internal IPv4), and enjoy complete stability and security.

Content provided by AVM FRITZ.


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