If you had a console in your childhood, surely you have in your heart the video games of Silent Hill, that from the first title released in 1999 gave us one or another scare when playing it. For the past few years, many of us have been looking forward to the announcement of a new franchise title, and today we have news about the future of this saga that gamers love.

It turns out that the afternoon of this May 26, Behavior Interactive announced that it would add extra content to its star video game, Dead by Daylight. This was already exciting on its own, but best of all, Among the new things we can find, is the collaboration with the Konami horror franchise, which will appear as a new chapter in the new update.

Yes, this is how you read it. The developers of Dead By Daylight bring back some important characters in the history of Silent Hilllike the iconic Pyramid Head, the malevolent force that took many away from sleep in the first installments of the video game.

He will now be known as The Executioner and will have the appearance of the second title in the series.. So the nightmares they had when they first played it are likely to return.

Photo: Behavior Interactive / Konami

On the opposite side, we will have Cheryl Mason, who will be the one who has to survive the attacks of the terrible Pyramid Head. Just like the villain, this version of Cheryl is based on your appearance of Silent Hill 3.

And to top off the nostalgia combo, a whole new map will also be available Midwich Elementary School, the place we met in the first video game in the history of this franchise.

Photo: Behavior Interactive / Konami

Silent Hill chapter in Dead By Daylight will arrive on consoles and PC on July 16, and at the moment nothing is known yet about the version for mobile devices. But while that day comes, Check out the creepy trailer they showed to announce this huge collaboration below:


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