The answer is very simple, yes, you can sign up for HP Instant Ink without problem even if you still have ink in your printer, in fact it is the most recommended, since this way you can continue printing during the delivery period that the first cartridges of this service have.

I think this detail is important, and we have to explain it well. When you sign up for HP Instant Ink shipment of the first pack of cartridges begins associated with this service, and it will take you about ten days to receive it at home, and without shipping costs. Well, if you register when you still have ink you can spend it while you wait for that pack of cartridges to arrive.

When the cartridge pack arrives you just have to remove the spent cartridges and install the pack you just received, without further ado.

What happens if I sign up for HP Instant Ink and don’t finish spending my cartridges?

Imagine the situation. You have completed the registration, you have continued using your cartridges and just today, you have just received the HP Instant Ink cartridges, but you still have ink left in the ones you were using. A priori it may seem like a problem, but it is not at all, since you can continue using them until you spend them.

It doesn’t matter if it takes a day or a week, your subscription to HP Instant Ink it won’t start until you install the cartridge pack in your printer, so you can spend the ones you had first, without rushing and without having to worry about anything.

Let’s see an example to understand it a little better. Imagine you sign up for HP Instant Ink today. The first pack of cartridges would reach you, approximately, between June 22 and 23. You receive the pack, but you still have ink, so you don’t install the cartridges until June 30. Well, your subscription, and the billing period, will start counting from June 30.

HP Instant Ink is a service that has been developed, from the beginning, to favor the user. With it you will enjoy total comfort, thanks to automated and home orders without shipping costs, you can save up to 70% on ink and recycle at no cost all the ink cartridges you spend.

Do you want to try it? Well you can do it for free with the 15-page-a-month printing plan. You want to know more? Well don’t worry, you can find all the information you need in this free eBook, don’t miss it.


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