Normally you come across a word that You do not know what it means or that you would not know how to define even if you use it correctly. But it is also frequent to find a definition or need and not remembering the right word that fits that definition.

Dictionaries are designed to find words and thus know their meaning. The problem is that we don’t always remember that word but you have its definition in mind. How to search even if it’s the other way around?

So much on paper how in online version We have the invaluable help of reverse dictionaries. They are used to find words from definitions or related words. You write an expression, and you will get words that fit it.


Based on the content of the Spanish language dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy, Dirae It is a project by Gabriel Rodríguez Alberich to find words from their definitions and not vice versa.

As its creator explains on the page itself, “Dirae can also serve as an associative thesaurus, etymological search enginesearch engine synonyms, search engine for grammatical categories and other lexicological functions ”.

To use it you can look for single words, a single word or a phrase. You can also try quoting two or more words. On the results page you will see various filters to sort the results.


The online search engine Goodrae It serves as a generic dictionary and also as a reverse dictionary if we press the corresponding option.

You can search for one or more words and thus obtain related results. To do this, search both in the word and in the definition. Come on like a hypertext search engine to use.

Depending on the searches you do, you will find synonyms or words related to the same semantic field. Also, on the results page you will find shortcuts for conjugate verbs and the lexical family of the word.

Related Ideas

In addition to reverse dictionaries, they can also be called Related Ideas, as this Argentine page is defined in which to find words related to the one we are looking for.

If for example you are looking for a carpenter, you will find carpentry tools, furniture, boats, jobs… Come on, what a word you can travel through dozens of them until you find that word you were looking for.

And although the main categories are navigable, you can copy any word you find and search again for find more related.

Reverse dictionary

If you are looking for a reverse dictionary for rhyme words, try the Stilus Reverse Dictionary, which allows you to search for endings to find their equivalents.

For example, what rhymes with fish? And with an applicant? Well, search for “ado” or “ante” and you will find a very long list of words that have nothing to do with but match the wanted terminations.

In addition to this dictionary, on the Stilus page you will find a verbal conjugator and a morphosyntactic analyzer.


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