Announced a couple of weeks ago, external storage drives Samsung T7 finally arrive in Spain, offering a slightly more accessible and portable option than the current T7 Touch, with which it shares most of the features.

Specifications Samsung T7

Compatibility: Windows 7 / Mac OS 10.10 / Android 5.1
2.5 inch SSD disk
Capacity: 500GB, 1TB or 2TB
Interface: USB 3.2 (Gen 2) and PCIe NVMe technology
Speed: 1050 MB / s (read), 1000 MB / s (write)
Encryption: 256-bit AES
Size: 85 x 57 x 8.0mm
Weight: 58 grams

As we can see, its great difference with the Touch model is focused on the only hardware data encryption option (256-bit AES) enabled with a password, eliminating the built-in fingerprint reader, and offering a notable reduction in its final price.

As for the rest of the functionalities, the Samsung T7 will offer a performance that can even double that offered by its predecessor Samsung T5, with data transfers in read mode of up to 1,050 Mbytes per second thanks to the internal use of an NVMe interface and a USB 3.2 Gen 2 at 10 Gbps. A connectivity that will be completed with a USB Type-C port and two wiring variants, with a USB-C and a USB-A output to increase compatibility in equipment with previous versions of the standard.

In addition, this external SSD is designed to provide compatibility with computers, Smart-TVs, tablets, smartphones and game consoles; in addition, with sufficient storage capacity and security for large amounts of images, games or videos in image quality up to 4K and 8K. What added to its light weight and small size, offer us a device that is easy to transport and use anywhere.

Available from this same month of June, and through the company’s official website, like its Touch version, the new Samsung T7 will be available under three size options from June, and an initial price that will include a guarantee three-year limited, from 161.99 euros.


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