After the first and somewhat bumpy launch of the Galaxy Fold, and the subsequent success of its competitor Motorola Razr, Samsung began work on a second, improved model of its flexible phone, the Galaxy Fold 2. However, it appears that the company would be preparing to present not one, but two new versions of this smartphone, with recent rumors of a possible Galaxy Fold Lite.

This has been advanced by Max Weinbach, known for the certainty of some of his leaks and advances, who would not only have confirmed the existence of this phone, but even offers us some details and specifications about the device.

Among other features, highlights the fact that unlike what is expected from the Galaxy Fold 2, this inferior model will not have the support for the new 5G networks, not an ultra thin screen glass (UTG), and your internal storage will be reduced to 256 GB.

In fact, it seems that the phone would have a minor innovative factor, making combined use of some components already equipped by other Samsung phones launched in recent years. Although this does not mean that we find some premium features such as a Snapdragon 865 chipset or an aluminum chassis.

In addition, and based on Samsung’s own statements about its future commitment to reduce crease areas, everything indicates that the Galaxy Fold Lite will have a smaller screen with a single flexible point, opting for a design halfway between the original Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip.

Finally, and perhaps the most interesting part of these rumors, lies in the price of this new Galaxy Fold Lite, which would barely reach $ 1,099, hovering around figures close to the current top of the range. And is that if true, we would be before the cheapest foldable smartphone on the market, below smaller terminals such as the Motorola Razr or the Galazy Z Flip, and even below the already planned lower cost of the Samsung Galaxy Flip 2.


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