Samsung Odyssey G9 is the top of the range for a new series of monitors designed especially for PC gaming, which Samsung introduced at CES and is now marketing in some regions.

Like the G7 model that we recently presented to you, Samsung Odyssey G9 bets on an extreme curved panel, but it does it in a huge size and in an ultra-panoramic format that gives it a spectacular look.

The monitor offers the diagonal of a medium television, nothing less than 49 inches which will require having a large desk to accommodate a width greater than one meter. The overall design has been redone, with a glossy white finish and a colorful “infinity core” on the back where the mount meets the display and is synchronized with the base. These areas are illuminated in 52 different colors and offer five different lighting effects.

Samsung Odyssey G9 mounts a curved VA panel with technology Quantum dot QLED used on their televisions. The curve is 1000R, which means that this monitor would form a radius of 1000mm if you had enough units to place it next to each other. It has support for high dynamic range HDR1000.

If you like ultra-wide monitors, pay attention to another of the spectacular data of this monitor, a native resolution that reaches 5120 x 1440 pixels for a 32: 9 aspect ratio.

Gaming features come from a refresh rate of 240 Hz (highest in the industry) and support for AMD FreeSync 2 over Display Port 1.4. “G-Sync Compatible” certification is underway, so you can also take advantage of image synchronization technology by using NVIDIA graphics cards.

Samsung Odyssey G9, price

A luxury for PC gamers, who likes the ability to work in width or users who seek the immersion that curved monitors provide and with these huge sizes are a must.

As you may have suspected, the worst of this monitor comes from its price. Listed on Samsung USA you will have to pay $ 1,699 to get hold of this wonder. Also listed are the G7 and G5 models with respective prices of $ 799 and $ 369. If you are looking for something else on monitors, be sure to review our latest guide.


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