Partly favored by the ease and speed when recording a video, or simply by the fact of the arrival and strong implementation of social networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok, the vertical format is beginning to gain great ground in front of the panoramic. These are the times and possibly those that will continue in the near future, and Samsung has decided to adapt and improve the experience of this new majority with the arrival of its vertical television The Sero.

After a first exclusivity within the Korean market, finally the company has just announced the launch and availability of this new television internationally, starting this June.

So this is a television 43-inch QLED with 4.1 to 60-watt speakers, and the exclusive added support for a pairing with mobile devices through the NFC, creating a SimulCast with which we can directly send our content. And it is that the great novelty of The Sero is the turning capacity of the same, with which it will also change the orientation of its contents to exactly match the phone screen.

Also, being part of the last line of televisions, The Sero will also include the company’s characteristic environmental modes, Allowing us to turn it into an interactive frame with more than 50 pictures and backgrounds for home decoration; or the Environment + mode, which will replace the black off screen with a useful information box in real time (such as the time, weather, personal photos, etc.).

In the absence of confirmation of its official price for Spain, we can already see figures of 1,599 pounds or $ 1,999, so a close price could be expected but still below 2,000 euros. However, even if it is a powerful 4K QLED television, this physical and software addition for regulation and use in both vertical and horizontal formats, may have caused a slight price premium.


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