While we have seen a slight spike in sales of PC virtual reality devices in recent months with the arrival of the new VR standard created by HP, Microsoft and Valve, it seems that the mobile accessories sector is not doing so well. And is that Samsung, one of the main companies involved, has just announced the closure of its Samsung XR and VR services.

Luckily it is a process slightly extended in time, although we have already seen a first change applied Immediately, With which 360┬║ video loading is disabled as well as the announcement of the end of the update policy for all Samsung XR and VR services.

Similarly, the company has announced that from June 30, the Samsung VR Video application will stop working on all Oculus products (Oculus Rift, Quest and Go), Samsung Gear VR and Windows Odyssey, also disappearing from the three application stores of the brands; while Samsung XR will disappear from the Google Play Store and the Samsung app store.

However, beyond abandoning the generation of new content and support, this closure will also mean the complete elimination of its service for applications and all services hosted on web platforms, thus causing from next September 30, all user accounts are deactivated and deleted.

And is that in addition to Samsung’s own information and associated data, in the event that we have our own videos published, will also be removed. That is why we recommend that, if you are users of any of these services, take advantage of reviewing and saving all your content.

Thus, all of the company’s virtual reality glasses will end up with the sole use of their few offline functions. Now it remains to be seen if either one of the big companies or a free developer take advantage of this segment of “orphan” VR devices.


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