One of the notes that has sounded the most in recent days was the union of two technological giants in the fight against the coronavirus. Just as you hear it: as if it were the best crossover meme, Manzana and Google They joined forces to provide reliable information about COVID-19 infections worldwide.

This alliance will use our Bluetooth contacts, the cell phones of millions of people and the collaboration of many governments and health authorities. Ah geez!

Photo: Reuters.

When you read that, you get several questions about your cybersecurity and our personal data, right? Well, that’s why we approach those who do know. This Tuesday of technology in #SopitasXAireLibre, Aura López (@Aura_) He told us everything we need to know about this historic alliance between Manzana and Google.

For example, now we are already aware that this alliance begins in May and will be present in two different stages.

And what does it consist of? Simple. Aura López He explained that our cell phones will keep the Bluetooth contacts that we have had in the last days and if you were to report as infected, the people who were close to you will know that they were at some risk. Of course, no one will know specifically that it was you from the virulent outbreak.

Photo: Dark Quarter

The subject of our personal data is somewhat complex: apparently participation will be voluntary and anonymity is assured.

However, doubts remain in the air and it is not a simple topic. So you have to keep an eye on the capsule that Aura López prepared for #SopitasXAireLibre where it explains all the fine points: from how to participate and how to download the applications to the operation of the maps and the valid concerns of our protection of personal data.

Yes, this collaboration between Manzana and Google It may be historical due to the coronavirus health emergency … but you have to be well aware.


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