One day after defied the authorities from California, Elon Musk seems to be entering a spiral of controversy that has no end. Some Tesla employees they trusted The Guardian that have been threatened of losing your unemployment benefits if you don’t go back to work at the Fremont plant.

Tesla would have used intimidating tactics In the emails he sends to his employees, one of them says verbatim, “If you don’t feel comfortable going to work, you can stay home and have a Licence without any salary. Choosing not to report to work can eliminate or reduce your eligibility for unemployment, depending on your state unemployment agency. “

Elon Musk embarked on a crusade against Alameda County, who determined that the quarantine will end at the end of May and not this week, as the Governor of California had anticipated. The Tesla CEO announced yesterday that they will revive activities at his Fremont factory, taking responsibility for any brush with the authorities.

Some employees refuse to return as long as there is quarantine

While Musk asks to be arrested, employees refuse to return to work as long as quarantine is maintained. One of them told the British newspaper that he will not go to work – like other colleagues, as long as the Alameda County health officer does not release the confinement.

The Guardian report coincides with that published by Business Insider yesterday, where three workers stated that Tesla threatened to withdraw their benefits. One of them argued that Tesla could influence the status of your work permit if you do not accept the call to return to work.

Before Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce his decision, other employees confided to The Verge that the Fremont plant opened over the weekend and around 200 Model Y and Model 3 were secretly made. Tesla intended to do the same next weekend, although judging by the statements of its president, it is a fact that will not sneak.

Alameda County’s Response

Alameda County’s Stance on Tesla Actions

Despite that, the alameda county announced that he will not arrest anyone. The Sheriff’s Office issued a statement (via Electrek) stating that they are aware that Tesla violated the order of the Health officer. Tesla, like other automakers such as Ford or General Motors, had an opening scheduled for May 18, although Musk intended it to be earlier.

The document says that since April 30 he has collaborated in good faith with Tesla to present a plan that ensures the safety of the thousands of employees at the Fremont plant, as well as the communities in which they live and work. Among the requirements are “better screening procedures and involving frontline staff in their concerns and comments on security protocols.”

While no arrests anticipatedThe Sheriff’s Office said this reopening will provoke similar action to others that have been conducted with companies that violate county orders.

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