The trickle of information continues on Resident Evil 8, the upcoming and long-awaited installment of the well-known Capcom horror franchise, a game that will continue the storyline where did Resident Evil 7 leave it and that it will maintain, in principle, an important part of its gameplay.

That means that Resident Evil 8 will adopt the first-person camera that we saw in Resident Evil 7, and that the development of the action will have an approach similar to what we saw in the latter. All in all, this does not mean that Capcom cannot include new mechanics that improve gameplay broadly.

We have already told you in previous articles that Resident Evil 8 will have as protagonists Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield, although it is rumored that it will also bring back a very beloved character within the franchise. There are still many unanswered questions in this regard, since we do not know who this new installment will focus more on, so at the moment we can only wait.

Resident Evil 8 will have disturbing enemies and a gloomy setting

With Resident Evil 7 we saw a risky bet on the part of Capcom that, in the end, ended up going really well. The adoption of the first-person camera, the setting and the enemies we had to face were seamlessly integrated to shape a game that successfully rescued the spirit of survival horror of the franchise.

According to the most recent information that we have seen, that same essence will be enhanced in Resident Evil 8, and will be complemented by some elements that were raised in the first developments of Resident Evil 4 but that ended up being canceled. At the time Capcom said that the “hallucination” version of Resident Evil 4 It was canceled because it required a lot of graphic power to handle the two realities in which Leon would move. With today’s hardware consoles they shouldn’t have that problem.

If everything goes according to plan Resident Evil 8 will be presented in the middle of next year and will hit the market sometime in 2022. It will be an intergenerational game, which means that will come to both PS4 and Xbox One as well as PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. The graphics engine that will be used will be the RE Engine, but limited by the base imposed by the consoles of the current generation.

Unfortunately we will not see a new generation Resident Evil even in a couple of years, As minimum.


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