While general confinement still prevails in Europe and all of America, the eastern countries, and especially China, seem to have practically returned to normal after the COVID-19 scourge. Although a few weeks ago we saw the official announcement of a new Redmi Band, the news would now come as a leak through the Weibo social network, focused in this case on the new Xiaomi tablet, the Redmi Pad 5G.

As we can see in the cover image, it is about one of the promotional masks of the device, thus offering us not only the first images of the design and available colors of this tablet, but the main details of its components and internal characteristics, and even its official price.

Specifications Redmi Pad 5G

Operating system: MIUI Pad
Display: IPS panel without specifying inches, with a refresh rate of 90Hz
Processor: Snapdragon 765G
Memory: Not specified
Camera: Simple front setup with a 48 megapixel sensor
Battery: Not specified, with a fast charge of 30W

The first thing that strikes us is the huge design change with respect to its more direct predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi Pad, with a much more refined device in which the size of the screen has been increased by a large reduction of the bevels.

Although undoubtedly the big news would come from its Snapdragon 765G processor, which will add support for 5G networks; In addition to a new version of its Android-based operating system, called MIUI for Pad, and apparently designed to get the most out of tablets.

However, if we look at some details such as the camera or the battery, we find some dissonances with respect to the previous leaks, practically now halved. Reason that makes us think about the possibility that Xiaomi is preparing the joint presentation of a second model Redmi Pad Pro 5G, where this 8.920mAh battery and 50W fast charge is equipped, and the powerful 64 MP camera sensor.

Finally, the special mention of Redmi AI, a denomination that we have never seen before and that could either be a new improvement of the camera assistant, or to surprise you, an own intelligent assistant created by Redmi based on that of Xiaomi.

Price and availability

With an official filing date supposedly scheduled for this same April 27, The last great detail of the Redmi Pad 5G is its starting price, which surprises with a figure of just 1,999 yuan, or 259 euros. A fairly restrained price given its specifications and design renewal.

At the moment the veracity of these rumors is unknown, so we will have to wait until Monday to see if this new Xiaomi tablet finally comes to light in the Asian market, and how many of these characteristics are accurate.


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