After its strong entry into the Spanish smartphone market at the end of last year, it seems that Realme is preparing to stand up to the biggest, after having announced the official launch of its first smartwatch, the Realme Watch, characterized by a color screen and autonomy of up to 20 days, and a ridiculous price that places it as one of the few smart watches for less than 50 euros.

We find a square design wrist device, somewhere in between Fitbit watches and Apple Watch, with a screen 320 × 320 and 1.4 inch LCD which runs what appears to be a custom version of the operating system the Wear OS by Google.

In this way, in addition to the measurements already present in this type of wereables, this smart watch you can show us notifications such as email messages and other messaging applications, as well as direct controls for music, phone calls, and other utility applications specific to smartwatches.

In addition, this smartwatch will have the same exercise functionality as the Realme Band launched last March, including a heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring and some sports tracking modes.

Thus, one of the great strengths of the Realme Watch will be its battery, which, as the company affirms, can reach up to 9 days duration under continuous use, or 20 days in its power saving mode. Values ​​close to those of smartbands, and significantly higher than what we are used to seeing in watches.

But without a doubt the great novelty comes from the hand of its price. And it is that currently only available in India, the Realme Watch has made a first release under the figure of 3,999 rupees, or what is the same, just 48 euros.

Although at the moment no arrival date has been disclosed for the rest of the countries, it is expected that these smart watches will reach the rest of the continents during the next summer months.

Realme also prepares its own Smart TVs

However, despite taking most of the attention, Realme’s ads did not focus exclusively on his smartwatch, also featuring the Realme Smart TV, its first line of smart TVs with Android operating system.

Following a line of products similar to that of Xiaomi, we find two models of 32 inches at 720p and 43 inches at 1080p, far from the latest 4K devices, but maintaining compatibility with HDR10 and HLG technologies, as well as a quad-core MediaTek processor and a quad-band 24W speaker configuration with Dolby Audio certification.

Some characteristics that although somewhat limited, allow the Chinese company to present really cheap prices of 12,999 and 21,999 rupees for each model, and values ​​at the exchange rate of only 157 and 266 euros respectively. As with the Realme Watch, at the moment these televisions are only available in the Indian market, with their arrival in the rest of the countries anticipated. during this year.


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