About 6 months ago, Microsoft gave us the first look at its new Xbox Series X console in response to the upcoming PlayStation 5. Which console will take the title of best? No one knows that, but what is known is that fans of both have been waiting for several years. The PlayStation 5 is officially announced on June 11, while Microsoft is still a little more cautious.

The excitement in the launch year of both consoles is always through the roof, however, in a year in which most people are confined to their homes, it became even older.

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Real Xbox fans will know that Microsoft has long launched a monthly exhibition called Xbox 20/20 to generate excitement and feed its fans with a constant stream of updates on the upcoming console.

There they have unveiled hardware specifications, software improvements, game material and much more. But to make everything easier, here is a list of information to be fully updated on the Xbox Series X.

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The latest news surrounding the launch of Microsoft’s next console focuses on its sales strategy and the games to include. On the one hand, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that his “Strategy does not revolve around how many Xbox we sell this year”. For real gamers, who don’t arm it with a single game, it’s also been said that the Xbox Series X will launch with “thousands” of games.

When will Xbox Series X launch?

Like the PlayStation 5 (which we will know next June 11), the Xbox Series X has yet to receive a firm release date. However, Microsoft has said it will arrive for the 2020 holiday season. Historically, Xbox releases have been in NovemberSo we can expect the same for Xbox Series X.

Phil Spencer also previously stated in an interview with IGN that console launch will not be delayed. This even if some great game like Halo Infinite were delayed by the pandemic.

“Bonnie and the team are doing a very good job on ‘Halo Infinite’ right now,” Spencer said. “They are learning while they work, like all of us. I think we’re going to go wide-eyed about what we’re trying to do, but I don’t think we’ll stop the launch of the console for any individual game. “.

How much will Xbox Series X cost?

Until today Microsoft has not given specifications on its new price. However, taking as reference the Xbox One that launched at $ 499 and considering the new specifications, we can’t expect it to be cheaper than that.

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On the other hand, Phil Spencer has confirmed that the company is adjusting its prices for the next console to reflect the financial impact of the current coronavirus pandemic.

“The price is going to be important. But our strategy is focused on the player, not the device. If this is not the year a family wants to make the decision to buy a new Xbox, that’s fine, “he told BBC Click. “Our strategy doesn’t revolve around how many Xboxes I’m selling this year.”

What are the Xbox Series X specifications?

Every good gamer wants to know exactly what their money is being spent on. He wants to know why this console is better than the last one and all the little details that make it the future of gaming. So here we leave the basic specifications to give you an idea of ​​the power of the new Xbox Series X.

Xbox Velocity architecture: The new Xbox Series X architecture is designed for speed and power. The combination of its hardware and software is promoted to improve the performance of games, including those of Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox, from improved boot and load times to more stable frame rates and higher resolutions.

Mass storage and memory: Xbox Series X features 16GB of GDDR6 RAM and a 1TB SSD, which is a lot of storage and speed. But if that is not enough, There is the option of an additional 1TB proprietary expansion SSD for the system that will provide even more storage for games. Be careful here, because while third-party SSDs will work with Xbox Series X, games must be transferred to console storage to play.

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4K visual images: At launch Xbox Series X will offer native 4K games at 60 frames per second. However, Microsoft claims that the console will also be 8K ready and will be able to deliver up to 120 frames per second.

Here we also leave you the numbers that never lie:

Processor: Architecture CPU AMD Ryzen Zen 2 8-core 3.7-3.8GHz
Graphics: AMD Navi / RDNA 2-Family GPU with 52 CU at 1,825 GHz (12TFLOPS FP32)
Video memory: 16 GB GDDR6 (10 GB to 560 GB / s assigned to GPU, 6 GB to 336 GB / s assigned to the rest of the system)
Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD; Patented 1TB SSD plug-in; Support external USB 3.2 hard drive
Optical unit: 4K Blu-ray
Maximum output resolution: 8K
Maximum frame rate: 4K / 120fps
Backward compatibility: Xbox One and compatible games for Xbox 360 and Xbox


Blessed be the Lord of gaming. Microsoft confirmed the compatibility of this console with previous versions of the Xbox series. You will no longer have to give your wallet a mega goal to continue playing the games you love.

Jason Ronald, director of program management for Xbox Series X, confirmed in an Xbox Wire blog post that “Thousands” of backward compatible games will be available on the console at launch.

“With over 100,000 hours of game testing already completed, thousands of games are now playable on Xbox Series X today, from the biggest box office hits to cult classics and fan favorites ”Ronald said.

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“Many of us at Team Xbox play daily on the Xbox Series X as our primary console and the change between generations is perfect. By the time we release it on this vacation, the team will have spent over 200,000 hours making sure their game library is ready for immediate access ”.

In the post, Roland also confirmed that the new console will feature the quick resume feature. This feature allows players to start a game exactly where they left off earlier, also for older titles. “The new Quick Resume feature was designed to not only work with a new game, it can also be enabled for titles compatible with previous versions ”, said.


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