One of the most present and in many cases, most undervalued elements of a setup gaming, is usually the microphone. And it is that present in the vast majority of headphones, many times we take for granted that, if we hear the rest well, they must be listening to us. But unfortunately this is not usually the case.

This is why, from casters and streamers to amateur players, more and more people are opting for tabletop microphones like the Razer Seiren X, a high-quality device that comes at a remarkably reduced price, and that will allow us to always stay connected through any computer or console.

Specifications Razer Seiren X

Controller: 25mm diameter condenser capsules
Polar pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency response: From 20 to 20,000 Hz
Sampling rate: 44.1 to 48 kHz
Sensitivity: 17.8 mV / Pa (1 kHz).
Sound pressure: 110 dB (THD <1% at 1 kHz) Signal / noise ratio: ≥ 85 dB
THD: <0.5% (at 1 kHz) Impedance: ≥ 16 Ω
Connection: 2-meter micro-USB to USB cable
Others: 3.5mm jack auxiliary input for headphones

On this occasion, we have had the opportunity to test the special version for PS4, which far from adding new capabilities to the microphone (which is already fully functional with this console) is limited to offering us a small aesthetic change with the combination of various details in blue, and the presence of a screen printed PlayStation logo.

So, like most gaming microphones currently on the market, this model centers around an electret condenser with a wide diaphragm, covered by a small foam membrane to prevent the entry of saliva and dirt, and a cylindrical outer part made of plastic materials of great hardness destined to protect it.

First, the upper one featuring a semi-open design for sound capture, with two hexagonal grid surfaces for its front and rear. And it is that the microphone will not have a 360º input, losing a small segment of just over a centimeter on each side.

In addition, the Razer Seriren X stands out for a compact and small format, which combined with the remarkable weight of the microphone, point to an internal chassis reinforced with some metallic material. However, both aesthetics and weight are quite pleasant, and make this microphone a device easy to carry, making it a very interesting option for multiplatform gamers, or users of portable computers.

Finally, at the bottom of the microphone we can find a micro-USB input for connection, as well as a notable central hole. A good Razer that we includes an anti-vibration mount along with a small extension piece, which will allow us to gain some height and tilt the microphone slightly to focus it or remove it from the sound sources.

Likewise, although not included due to its restrained price, the Razer Seiren X will also be compatible with the vast majority of accessories and frames, which, for reasons of environmental noise (which we will detail further below) are highly recommended to when achieving an optimal experience.

In general terms, the microphone offers very complete results both inside and outside the Razer segment itself, with great clarity for broadcast and recording, and truly commendable voice clarity, especially for its price range. However, this last point is still present along with some defects.

One of the big problems we’ve encountered is that, presumably stemming from its own compact microphone concept, the Razer Seiren X dispenses with the inclusion of a better protection layer for the cardioid, so practically all the secondary noises of our computer will filter, such as the keystrokes of the mouse or the keyboard (something much more remarkable in the case of having mechanical switches).

But not only that. And it is that during our tests we have tested the microphone under various scenarios such as an open window, conversations in other nearby rooms, or scenes as daily as some of our family members watch television; being able to discern a great variety of incoming elements in all of them.

While the presence of a polar pattern adjustment is missed, the truth is that we are talking about a microphone without anti-pop filters, so it is normal to find this kind of ambient sounds, even in other models that can even double its price.

In addition, there are already many voice chat programs that are being implemented some digital filters (like the Krisp beta function in Discord) to alleviate the entrance of these noises and enhance and clarify the main voice, so finally, we will be able to achieve that perfect experience and result without the need to resort to greater disbursements.

On the other hand, and continuing with its utilities, we did like that the Razer Seiren X has a Plug-and-Play operating system, or what is the same, the great ease of being able to use it almost instantly just by connecting it. Unfortunately, while the Razer Seiren X will keep all of its features enabled on any console and PC, unfortunately we won’t have any configuration options added through the Synapse software, relegating all of its controls to physical interaction.


In summary, we find a really good table microphone for both those who are starting to create content, users who are used to moving around a lot, or simply those who prefer not to have to invest a specific peripheral for each platform.

Although we will not find optimal results when it comes to avoiding external noise, it is undoubtedly an option to consider given its price. And it is that even buying some of the accessories mentioned to increase your experience of use to the maximum, we can still maintain a savings compared to other peripherals of specific use, which double and even triple their price.

We can already find The Razer Seiren X available through the official website of Razer, in its different color variants to choose from between Black (complete or with details in blue in the case of the special version of PS4 analyzed here), Mercury White and Quarzt Pink, all of them under the same price of 109.99 euros.

Final assessment


The Razer Seiren X is presented as a very good option for those who are entering content creation, streaming, or simply online play with friends, with a high-quality microphone that will open up the possibility of its use in different platforms, and a really affordable price.

Design and build quality8.5


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