Further expanding its offering of audio gaming devices, Razer has just announced the launch ofthe new Razer Opus, wireless headphones intended for both audiophiles and gamers, combining a High-quality audio with active noise cancellation, offering pure, crisp and clear results, and an immersive experience of the highest level.

Although audio has always been one of the most important factors for the gaming experience, now that the vast majority of services are moving to offer high-definition content, premium headphones are becoming one of the new favorite products.

However, if it was already difficult under normal circumstances to maintain a silence around us to truly be able to appreciate all these sounds, the current situation of confinement has greatly amplified all those added noises of daily life.

For this, the Razer Opus incorporate an advanced hybrid noise activity cancellation system (better known as ANC) for canceling external noise, with four ANC microphones Dedicated and designed to precisely tune and eliminate a wide range of external frequencies, creating a cleaner and more seamless listening experience.

Also, while it is important to filter out the eternal noise, the quality of the audio reproduction is essential to provide a rich and impeccable sound. With this in mind, Razer Opus have undergone hundreds of scientifically formulated tests to obtain a THX certification, ensuring a response frequency range, clear and detailed sounds, and deep bass with zero distortion at high volume levels.

Finally, and one of the most important details when we talk about wireless headphones, we find a powerful battery charge capable of providing autonomy of up to 25 hours of continuous use with ANC system activated, allowing users not only to endure multiple gaming or music sessions, but to maintain a continuous and uninterrupted sound experience regardless of the noises around them.

We can already find the new Razer Opus available for purchase through the Razer web store, physical RazerStore stores, as well as all authorized dealers on four continents. In addition, although still somewhat elevated, it is surprising that these headphones arrive under a price of 209.99 euros, quite in line with other similar and even inferior products from other brands.


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