One of the consequences of the arrival of 5G to smartphones has been a significant price increase. The reason was the Snapdragon 865, a powerful but expensive chip that did not include an integrated 5G modem, forcing manufacturers to install a dedicated modem, usually the X55. This problem is solved with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 690, presented a few hours ago.

Qualcomm’s new SoC offers connectivity with SEA and NSA networks, guaranteeing its compatibility not only with the current 5G spectrum, but with the one that will be deployed in the future. In addition, it incorporates the modem Snapdragon X51 integrated, giving manufacturers more space for other components, a lower purchase price and less heat problems.

What does all this mean in practice? That sooner than we think we will have in our hand smartphones capable of download at 2.5 Gbps and upload at 660 Mbps, a real outrage unthinkable a few years ago.

The Snapdragon 690 is manufactured in a process de 8 nm. and its Kyro CPU (2 + 6 cores, up to 2 GHz) is 20% more powerful than the previous generation. When it comes to graphics, the new Adreno 619 GPU improves current SoCs by up to 60% and, most importantly, opens the door for Let’s look at 120 Hz in the mid and low range.

The power of the new SoC will allow manufacturers to install multiple panels, with external displays that can achieve QHD resolutions at 60Hz and support HDR10 and HDR10 +. It also opens the port to LPDDR4X memories up to 8 Gbytes and guarantees support for NFC, USB-C and DisplayPort.

Among other novelties it is worth highlighting the bet on AI, possible thanks to the incorporation of a dedicated Hexagon 692 processor and that will allow developers to take advantage of this feature without any loss in performance. In addition, it is compatible with the new WiFi 6 standard, Bluetooth 5.1 and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4+ fast charging system. You can consult all the specifications and advanced technical aspects on this website.

When will we start seeing reasonably priced 5G smartphones?

The first terminals based on the Snapdragon 690 are expected to start reaching the market during the second half of 2020. Manufacturers such as LG, Motorola, Nokia or TCL are already working on computers with the new Qualcomm SoC, although the list is sure to lengthen in the coming weeks. Sales giants such as Xioami and Oppo will also end up betting on quality price.

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