For some years now, we have gotten used to seeing Qualcomm launch the new flagship processors of its Snapdragon 8xx family at the beginning of each year, and then, in the second half of the year, update them with a second variant “Plus” which, beyond offering a true performance or architecture improvement, are limited to the overclocked and slightly increased clock speeds of the original model.

However, given the same model strategy presented by phone manufacturers, focused on increasingly demanding terminals and open to multimedia and gaming use, these chipsets tend to end up being one of the main hallmarks of the top of the range.

However, this year it seems that Qualcomm will break with its tradition, or at least it has been revealed by the CMO of the Chinese phone company Meizu, who assures that the current Snapdragon 865 will be Qualcomm’s flagship chipset for 2020, skipping the arrival of this new improved model.

Beyond the possible logistics or production problems derived from the current global crisis situation, it seems that the reason for the indefinite delay of this chipset is none other than the overpricing of the current Snapdragon 865, to which the alleged incorporation of a integrated modem (absent in the original model) and the process of improving clock speeds.

And in fact we have already been able to see how some smartphone manufacturers such as LG or Google have opted for the Snapdragon 765 and even the switch to Exynos SoC for its next flagship devices, to try to adjust to the new, more affordable pricing strategy for consumers that Apple or Samsung have already instituted against Chinese manufacturers.

Thus, at the moment Qualcomm has not positioned itself in reference to this information, so we cannot assure its veracity or discard. But if true, now it remains to be seen how long this launch would really be postponed since the more time elapses, the more likely it is that new technologies and demands will emerge in the market, downgrading or increasing the price of this processor again.


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