The price of PS5 remains as one of the most important mysteries that still surround Sony’s new generation console, although thanks to an Italian retailer we have been able to see hopeful data that fits not only with most leaks, but also with the forecasts of many analysts.

The first estimates pointed to an approximate price of 400 dollars-euros, a figure that for some analysts it was “the impassable limit” so that the price does not act as an important barrier against consumers. However, with the passage of time and the breakdown of official specifications of PS5 and Xbox Series X it has become clear that it is an unattainable level, in fact it became doubtful that Sony and Microsoft could maintain the sale price below 500 dollars-euros.

That situation led to a series of rumors and early listings by some retailers who left us crazy prices, located at levels that were from 700 to 1,000 euros. Now, the listing of an Italian retailer has put a bit of common sense in all that chaos, and leaves us with a more than reasonable figure: 450 euros.

Can you launch Sony PS5 for just 450 euros?

It is the “million dollar” question. At the specification level PS5 has a more modest configuration than Xbox Series X in some aspects, such as the CPU and GPU configuration, which means that the APU of this console it should be cheaper than that of his rival.

However, we must bear in mind that PS5 mounts a higher SSD than the Xbox Series X, and that it has an advanced 3D sound chip which also represents an added cost. Doing an estimated breakdown of the cost of the PS5 components, including labor, I still think that we would have an average of approximately $ 450, so yes, those $ 450-euros would be perfectly viable, provided that Sony is willing to not making money with every console sold.

It would not be the first time that the Japanese company accepts that condition to keep the price of one of its consoles under control, we already saw it with PS3, a console with which Sony lost money for each unit sold, and with PS4 the cost of manufacturing It practically equaled the sale price. In the end Sony makes money with the sale of games and services, and you don’t start earning revenue from selling hardware until your consoles reach a certain maturity and production costs drop.

I still think that the price of PS5 will end up around 500 euros, although it is possible that Sony will adjust a little to reach a greater number of users and accelerate sales of its new console when it reaches the market. And speaking of this issue, the retailer that has listed PS5 for 450 euros indicates that its launch will take place on November 20.

Neither the price nor that release date has been confirmed by Sony, but they make sense and They could be fulfilled without problem.


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