A report published by Bloomberg ensures that PS5 will be presented, finally, next June 3 in a special event that Sony will celebrate, although they warn that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that date is not absolutely fixed, and that therefore small modifications could occur.

In any case, the important thing about this information is that Sony will face it in June, and that we could finally see the PS5 design. It is not clear what exactly the Japanese company plans, that is, we do not know if the total presentation of its new console will occur or if, on the contrary, it will be a review of its technical specifications accompanied by some intergenerational games.

There are many possibilities and Sony has not specified anything, so it is impossible to take anything for granted. All in all, and seeing how well Microsoft has done so far with Xbox Series X, saving the last intergenerational games presentation event, it is clear that the Japanese company should stop resting on his laurels and show, at once, its new generation console.

PS5: a review of everything we know about the new Sony console

At a technical level, we are facing an important jump compared to the current generation, and the best thing is that this jump operates at all levels: CPU, GPU, memory and storage. Here is a summary with the key specifications of PS5 and PS4 so you can compare one and the other.

PS5 Specifications

Zen 2 CPU with eight cores and sixteen threads at a maximum of 3.5 GHz. High IPC.
Radeon RDNA 2 GPU with ray tracing and 2,304 shaders, 144 texturing units and 64 raster units at a maximum of 2.23 GHz (10.29 TFLOPs).
16 GB of unified GDDR6 memory with a bandwidth of 448 GB / s.
3D sound (Tempest chip).
High-performance SSD with 825 GB of capacity and a speed of up to 5.5 GB / s.
Estimated price: 500 euros.

PS4 Specifications

Jaguar CPU with eight 1.6 GHz cores. Low IPC.
Radeon GCN GPU with 1,152 shaders, 72 texturing units and 32 raster units at 800 MHz (1.84 TFLOPs).
8 GB of unified GDDR5 with a bandwidth of 176 GB / s.
HDD with a maximum capacity of 1 TB and a speed of up to 100 MB / s.
Launch price: 399 euros with a 500 GB HDD.

I remind you that some PS4 games will be backward compatible and they will work on PS5, but the model Sony plans to adopt is not as broad as the one we will see on Xbox Series X.

We’ll be alert throughout the next week to tell you any news about the possible presentation of PS5, as we did at the time with the new generation console from Microsoft.


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