Sony confirmed that PS5 will have a high-performance custom SSD capable of delivering up to 5.5 GB / s speed working with uncompressed data, a very good fact that confirms that said console will have the most powerful SSD of its generation.

However, this has a counterpart, and that is that the storage capacity of said SSD will be less than the Xbox Series X unit. The new generation console from Microsoft will have a SSD unit of 1TB, while the PS5 will have 825 GB.

I know that on paper it may seem a reasonable amount, but if we take away those 825 GB the space needed for the operating system and basic applications the figure is considerably reduced To this we must add, in addition, that nowadays most triple A games take up more and more space and already reach 100 GB of disk space without problems.

Sony will solve the problem with two versions of PS5

Installing games on the storage drive will remain mandatory, and the increased power of PS5 will allow create games with wider worlds and higher quality textures, which means that the installation size of the games will gradually grow.

A PS5 with an 825 GB SSD could be too small for most users, that is evident, and according to an interesting rumor Sony plans to solve that problem with a version of PS5 that will have a storage unit of 1.65 TB.

It is not the first time that we have found the launch of a console with different storage configurations, in fact the base version of PS3 had a 20 GB HDD and the top of the range came with a unit of 60 GBeven PS4 has had 500GB and 1TB versions, so yes, even if it is an unconfirmed rumor it makes all the sense in the world.

With this move Sony could also reach a greater number of users. The PS5 version with an 825 GB SSD would be a “cheap” option for those on a tight budget (will cost 499 euros, in theory), while the 1.65 TB SSD version would position it as a “premium” option (its price will be 599 euros).

The source of the news refers to an alleged leaked report after a meeting between Sony and the well-known GAME store franchise, which, as most of our readers will know, has many stores throughout Spain.


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