Tomorrow is the big day, Sony is preparing an event focused on PS5 that could finally leave us with the presentation of the final design of the console, from its possible versions and its first games.

There is still nothing defined, that is, we do not know what Sony plans to show exactly, but three great options:

A massive event with a lot of information about the final design of PS5 and its games, something that many see as unlikely.
An intermediate event, with an acceptable dose of information on the console and on its first games.
A simple event, at the level we saw at the time about the first Xbox Series X games that, in the end, did not live up to expectations.

As we said we cannot tip the balance in favor of any of those three points, But after seeing the wave of early listings that has occurred in Amazon UK, expectations have risen considerably.

Among the listings that we have seen are a version of PS5 with a 2 TB SSD, whose price would be £ 599.99, almost 675 euros in exchange, and various unannounced games from Konami, Rockstar Games, 2K Games and Bethesda, with prices ranging from £ 59.99 to £ 69.99, £ 67 and £ 78, respectively.

What do those premature listings tell us? Well, the truth is that much and nothing at the same time. I know it may seem like a contradiction, but it has an explanation. Typically these types of listings are used to “reserve a space” prior to the presentation or launch of something.

This is normal, but it is not fulfilled in 100% of cases. How should we interpret them then? Well as a movement that gives strength to the rumors that ensure that tomorrow we will finally see the final presentation of PS5 and from his first games, but not as a confirmation of such a thing.

Take this opportunity to remind you that you can follow the PS5 presentation event with us, since We will be on time at 22:00 morning (Spanish time) to tell you the most important news of this event.

I remind you that, according to the latest information, PS5 will use a Zen 2 processor with 8 cores and 16 threads at a maximum of 3.5 GHz; It will mount an AMD RDNA 2 GPU with 2,304 shaders and ray tracing acceleration; will have 16 GB of unified GDDR6; It will have a high performance SSD (5.5 GB / s) and will use an advanced sound chip called «Tempest». Its price will be around, in theory, the 500 euros in its version with an 825 GB SSD.


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