Sony has clearly confirmed that PS5 games will not be required to be compatible with PS4, a news that has sat like a jug of cold water for users of the current generation of consoles from the Japanese company, formed, as we know, by PS4 and PS4 Pro.

The position of the Japanese company is very curious, it does not benefit the user at all, but basically we can come to understand it. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has brought up the issue of support for PS5 and PS4 games in both generations.

First of all we must be clear that all new games developed for PS4 must be compatible with PS5. This means that a studio that is working on a game that has not yet been released for PS4 must adapt it so that it also works, by default, on PS5. What does this tell us? Well, very simple, that games like The Last of Us Part II will work on the new Sony console.

However, this obligation does not apply to PS5 games, that is, these they do not necessarily have to be compatible with PS4. This is where we must clarify two very important things. The first is that this does not mean that Sony wants to abandon the more than 100 million PS4-PS4 Pro users, they will continue to support both consoles and receive new games.

On the other hand, it must be made clear that the developers will have the last word when it comes to making PS5 games work, or not, on PS4. Taking into account the huge user base that this console has, the most likely option is a yes to PS4 compatibility.

PS5 games must harness the potential of the console

That is the main reason Jim Ryan has given when reasoning his words. The executive said that believe in console generational differentiation (And PS4 Pro?), And that if a company takes the trouble to launch a new generation, developers must create games that take advantage of its new features, since it is the only way to demonstrate the differences that this new generation makes compared to the previous generation.

The idea is quite clear, and not as we said it is perfectly understood, in fact we have discussed it in previous articles. Ryan wants developers to focus on PS5 games from day one so that users are clear about their potential from the beginning. This would speed up the transition to the new generation, at least in theory, but would negatively affect those who recently purchased a PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Microsoft has taken a different stance. The Redmond giant has confirmed that all games from its main studios will be compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X over a period of two years, which means that the current generation still has a life cycle of at least a couple of years ahead of it. Please note that this does not apply to third parties, in fact we already know that SCORN will not come to Xbox One.

It seems to me that Sony is not finishing finding the right path with this new generation, in fact it is making some mistakes that remind me of the pre-launch stage of Xbox One, a console that has been a “failure”, and that will end the cycle as the great loser of the current generation. By cons, Microsoft is doing an excellent job with Xbox Series X, both in terms of hardware, support and compatibility.

I remind you that the Japanese company will celebrate an event next June 4 (We were expecting an event on June 3), where it will present news focused on PS5. Will we finally know the final design of the console? We will know soon.


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