With the vast majority of the public already looking at the next generation of consoles, Sony has just released the latest PS4 sales data, with which the console would have already managed to exceed 110 million units sold. However, it seems that the figures could already be close to their ceiling, with a strong slowdown compared to the previous months, with the only incentive of two of their latest great exclusives, The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima, which They could still lead to a small increase in console sales.

And it is that just half a year after the arrival of the two variants of PS5, and despite the fact that everything points to the fact that the Japanese company will offer us notably more affordable consoles, users have already started with discrimination in pursuit of this new generation.

However, and going into more detail, console sales only account for just 19% of Sony’s net sales. And it is that the current business resides in the sum of the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services (17%), the sale of peripherals (7%), the sales of games in physical format (6%), and above all, in the clear predominance of digital games, DLCs and integrated microtransactions, which add up to a total of 51% of the company’s total sales.

Also, seen compared to the rest of the main industry scene, PS4 would still be the clear winner of the current generation. Although Microsoft continues without publishing the official sales figures for its consoles, Xbox One is currently estimated to have the worst sales figure, with only 46.84 million units sold. And we can not lose sight of the Nintendo Switch, which with less than half the time in the market, has already managed to reach the impressive figure of 56 million consoles sold worldwide, maintaining strong growth against the halt of the consoles from Sony and Microsoft.


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