After announcing at the beginning of the year at the CES in Las Vegas, the Samsung Q950TS already has a price and an official availability date in Spain. The QLED Q900R relay that we saw dominating the innovation of the South Korean house in 2019 makes its way without major obstacles in times of pandemic.

The new QLED Q950TS and its 99% front made display will land on the market in its three available sizes in the coming weeks. It won’t be cheap, as it is Samsung’s most ambitious Smart TV in its 2020 catalog.

Samsung QLED 8K Q950TS, launch and price

The prices and launch dates of the new Samsung QLED Q950TS, in its three resolutions, are as follows:

QLED Q950TS in 65 inches, 5,499 euros, available from May 11, 2020.
QLED Q950TS in 75 inches, 7,499 euros, available from May 18, 2020.
QLED Q950TS in 85 inches, 11,999 euros, available from May 18, 2020.

The Q950TS culminates the range of Samsung Smart TV for 2020, and it does so with all the trends that mark its catalog for exercise. Native 8K resolution, minimized frames, thinner thicknesses and rich sound on multiple fronts.

Now the television will be able to pair and add together when a sound bar is connected. In addition, Object Tracking Sound + (OTS +) is included, which combines AIs to locate spatially each sound, and Active Voice Amplifier (AVA), to identify the voices and raise them above the rest of the noise on stage.

This TV will be available soon, although an availability notice can already be posted on the Samsung website. Alternatively, we can go to one of the main distributors, where the Q950TS price You are already at a substantial and more than interesting discount, close to a thousand euros.

Samsung acknowledges that the COVID-19 crisis has dealt a severe blow to television sales. These have been distributed almost exclusively online, and are recovering, according to a representative of the brand.

On 2019, he affirms that this year the interest on the big inch grows, affirming that sales of 80-inch or larger models have doubled. Likewise, the 8K grows 200% so far this year, reaching up to 10% of the share of some formats.

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