Sony has presented PlayStation Studios, a grouping of all its triple A game development studios for PlayStation that, with some exceptions, have served to shape exclusive franchises that have defined the consoles of the Japanese company in recent years.

We are talking about something very important. In case someone is not aware of what PlayStation Studios represents, I remind you that under that name studies are grouped as Guerrilla Games (Killzone saga, Horizon Zero Dawn), Japan Studio (Bloodborne, Ape Scape, Gravitiy Rush, etc.) and Naughty dog (The Last of Us, Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted sagas, etc.), among others.

In an interview, the vice president of SIE and head of global marketing, Eric Lempel, He wanted to explain in a simple way the reason for this unification of studies under a single brand:

“In recent years the strength of the titles that have come out of our studios has been greater than ever. We had been thinking for a while how we could unify all those great games under one brand, with the aim that consumers associate this brand with a solid, deep and innovative gaming experience linked to PlayStation, and we came up with PlayStation Studios ».

PlayStation Studios confirms Sony’s commitment to exclusive games

There is no doubt about that, but why take this step now? I still think Sony is concerned about Xbox Series X and the enormous effort that Microsoft has made with said console. Both companies play a lot with the new generation of consoles, and Sony has taken advantage of the victory it has achieved in this generation and the weight of its exclusives to continue reinforcing the image of its PlayStation brand with the creation of PlayStation Studios.

The idea is simpler than it seems, Sony wants to make PlayStation Studios synonymous with great games, from that unique experience that they managed to offer with their exclusive games for their different platforms in recent years, an approach that, to be honest, seems right to me, since in the end it is the games that define the real value of a console.

The latest movements we have seen in the sector clearly indicate a significant change in strategy on the part of Sony, but along the lines that we have nuanced previously. PS5 will continue to have exclusive games, although some of these will be a temporary exclusivity and will later come to PC. However, they will never reach Xbox Series X. Exclusivity will therefore continue no change between consoles, the only beneficiaries will be PC players.

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