Let those who do not like to hold something special, unique in its kind, that is, a limited edition of anything, throw the first stone. Music lovers have the occasional box set with unpublished musical, photographic content and sometimes even song lyrics that never came true.

Those at the movies have their fair share of collections, and very exquisite a Criterion Collection, of iconic directors with scenes that were removed from the final cut you went to see at the movies. And gamers … what do gamers have? Well, they have special consoles that can only be purchased for a limited time.

And today The arrival of a very special limited edition console is announced. As well. Turns out there will be a special edition of the PlayStation 4 Pro with a never-before-seen themed design. The Last of Us Part II. Whaaaat ?! So is. This console, which will go on sale on June 19, has an engraving of the fern tattoo of Ellie’s character.

Ellie is one of the main characters alongside Joel. However, Ellie is the only human being known to be immune to a virus. that turns humans into cannibals or zombies or something. So Ellie could be the secret to developing a cure that saves humanity from extinction.

What will The Last of Us II be about?

The Last of Us Part II is set five years after Ellie and Joel began traveling across the United States. As we know, they managed to locate in Wyoming, but that “tranquility” does not last long because Ellie must perform a new journey of revenge and justice. (That is not yet known … revenge for what or what?)

Ellie’s character has a fern tattoo on her right arm. Since this character appeared, many social network users began to share how the tattoo had been made. Naughty Dog director John Sweeney said that when presented with the opportunity for a custom console, they took Ellie’s reference.

Ellie, protagonist of ‘The Las of Us Part II’.


The limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro from The Last of Us Part II comes with other items like a wireless DUALSHOCK 4 controller or controller also limited edition; the game The Last of Us Part II in Blue-raand; new avatars; some limited edition wireless headphones in matte as the console.

As we mentioned, The PS 4 Pro from The Last of Us Part II will go on sale on June 19, 2020, which is the day the game comes out. In this LINK you can make the reservation of this limited edition package, or only the game.


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