Persona 4 Golden is now available for PC. The main series of the veteran franchise is approaching the quintessential compatible platform for the first time, and it does so through the quintessential game store, Steam, where it can already be purchased in two different editions.

The arrival of Persona 4 Golden on PC is certainly a milestone, as it is the first time that a title in this franchise has done so. In fact, if we stick to the main series, leaving its various derivatives aside, it is the first time that it has gone outside the scope of PlayStation, with the exception of the last Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, which has also been released for the Nintendo Switch. ; and the initial Revelations: Persona, which in a distant 1999 -three years after debuting on the original PlayStation- came to have its Windows version.

Be that as it may, Persona 4 Golden is one of the PlayStation 2 classics that were never seen beyond Sony consoles: it was launched in 2008 and in 2012 it received the ‘Golden’ in its version for PlayStation Vita, which is the one that Now it comes to PC in two editions: the normal one, for 19.99 euros; and a deluxe edition for 24.99 euros which includes the soundtrack and the book with the artwork of the game, both contents as is evident in digital format.

The extras of the deluxe edition, in addition to the remastering that has had the titleThey are the two great incentives of Persona 4 Golden, one of the most acclaimed in a franchise that has created a school in anime and historically RPG -with variants of all kinds and conditions-.


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