Grinding Gear Games has released a new video of Path of Exile 2 in which we can see new real game scenes and take a tour of a very important element: the soundtrack.

Music, broadly understood, that is, both in terms of the songs that define the soundtrack of a game and environmental issues, are a key piece to build the setting of a game.

This is not something new, and it has not changed over time. Think, for a moment, of the importance of the 1993 classic DOOM soundtrack, and now go to The Witcher III and recall its themes and ambient sounds. You have it clear, right?

In Path of Exile 2 the music will be taken care of in detail, and this video confirms it. Each location, each boss and each key moment will have its own music to cBuild an atmosphere with which to absorb the player.

Path of Exile 2, a Devil-type action RPG, may or may not appeal to us, but there’s no question Grinding Gear Games is doing a fantastic job on a technical level.

Path of Exile 2 will introduce seven new acts

Although its name indicates that we are facing a new game, the truth is that we could propose it more as an extension and an update of the original, since will be integrated with that and we can move all our characters, objectives and more. This means that if we have dedicated many hours to the first installment, we will not have to worry, since we can take everything we have achieved to Path of Exile 2.

If you have never played Path of Exile nothing happens, you can enjoy the campaign of the first and then jump to Path of Exile 2. In addition to the expansion of content that this installment represents, it will also bring important changes that will affect the gameplay, the technical section, the scenarios and the class system.

Path of Exile 2 is scheduled for release sometime in 2021, and it will come both PC and Xbox One and PS4. I remind you that Path of Exile is a totally free game that we can enjoy without having to spend a penny. If you haven’t given it a chance yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, it’s one of the best free games out there.

At the hardware level it is also very affordable, so don’t worry, works well on almost any PC.

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