The remakes of classic games from the nineties have become a constant for the past few years, Although undoubtedly the best exponents are found in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, and in the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The concept of “remake” is truly complicated by all the implications it has. The common base is clear to us and it is fully accepted by everyone, but from it there are a series of points that not everyone shares and that are not, therefore, etched in stone.

That common basis from which the remakes of classic games start is simple: update the graphic section of the game, and in a broad sense. We are not talking about the changes associated with a remastering, but much more profound modifications, so much so that we could practically talk about creating a new game.

Right there, when we leave that base, is where the problems arise. Remakes of classic games involve such profound changes on a technical level than it is almost never feasible to maintain the same mechanics at the level of gameplay, narrative and development. In this sense, Final Fantasy VII Remake is the best example, since it has significantly changed the gameplay and introduced real-time combat combined with “turn-based” moments. For many it has been a success, for others a decision that is too far from the essence of the original.

We may like it more or less, but in the end create a remake of a game does not require you to keep all your passwordsIt is one of those things that are not set in stone, as we have said. You don’t have to transfer it point by point, you can maintain its quality and essence without making an exact copy of it. Resident Evil 2 Remake is a good example of this, and Final Fantasy VII Remake as well.

With Resident Evil 3 Remake I have conflicting feelings, because although it is true that on a technical level it is impeccable and has outstanding moments, Capcom carried out an overly simplified development and omitted very important moments from the classic of the late nineties, which negatively affected the final product.

Classic games and remakes: which title would you like to see “remade”?

On a personal note I must say that I like the remakes of classic games. I find it fantastic to enjoy a game that marked my youth with a current graphic finish and a renewed gameplay, since this makes the experience end up being a mix between nostalgia and new sensations, something that, on many occasions, is unique.

There are many games that I would like to see in a current remake, although right now two classics come to mind that I fell in love with at the time. One of them is Shadow Dancer in its recreational version. After seeing the good work that DotEmu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games have done with Streets of Rage 4 it came to my mind how good a Shadow Dancer remake could be with a focus Pixel perfect similar, although with a more realistic tone and in keeping with the style of the original arcade.

MDK It is another of the games that I would like to see in a “remake”. At the time it was a benchmark and marked an important turning point thanks to its technical finish, its excellent setting and its playability, and best of all, it was so well optimized that it worked well from a 90 MHz Pentium.

See the classic MDK scenarios recreated in a current 3D graphics engine It would be truly spectacular, although unfortunately I see it as unlikely. Now it’s your turn, What games would you like to see updated in the form of a “remake”?

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