As we see in our weekly VOD News, the Disney + catalog is renewed weekly. But today we want to influence two new films that will arrive in the coming days.

The first will arrive tomorrow, Artemis Fowl, a literary adaptation that would have hit theaters last May had it not been for the Coronavirus, and which will finally be released worldwide on the streaming platform. Based on the work of Eoin Colfer, the film will be directed by Kenneth Branagh (Thor) and starring Ferdia Shaw and Colin Farrell (Alexander the Great).

It tells the story of a 12-year-old teenager, descendant of a long saga of criminals who will have to save his father from kidnappers who are not of this world. To do this, you will have to infiltrate an ancient underground civilization: the highly advanced world of fairies, which could provoke a war in the world as we know it. Branagh is very excited about the premiere and believes that the young Artemis Folw has great potential to become a lasting saga. Folw’s adventures are collected in eight books. “Who knows […] The public decides, of course, and I think that there are many things that have immense potential«. Declared the director.

The other movie that hits small screens thanks to Disney + is Onward, the last Pixar movie to be released in theaters. It will be released on July 3 and is directed by Dan Scanlon (Monsters University). The film tells of the adventures of the elven brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot, with the original voices of Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, respectively.

Scalon was inspired by the loss of his father when he was one year old and his brother three. In this case Ian and Barley will be able to reunite with their father for 24 hours thanks to a magic stick. But their land has long forgotten the enchantments, so together – with their father halfway, from the waist down – they will have to embark on a unique journey to fulfill their dream. Maps, obstacles, discoveries … And a van!

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