At the time when typewriters were more popular than computers, typing academies, where you could learn the noble art of typing words without making a mistake as fast as possible.

When computing started to enter offices and homes, the learning of typing was still promoted, but over time this great tool has been forgotten in the form of tips and rules to know how to get the most out of the keyboard and thus write beats with minute at high speed.

Yet they still exist typing resources with which to learn, practice and perfect your relationship with the computer keyboard. The goal, to write fast and without errors.

We list some of these resources so you can practice your speed to the keyboard from the web browser and thus take advantage of time improving your skills typing in front of the computer.

Online Typing

Compatible with keyboards in Spanish, English, German and other keyboards in addition to the classic QWERTY, Online Typing It is a space where you can practice your keyboard speed through exercises that combine single letters, sample texts or your own texts.

With complete freedom, you can start with the theory, in the form of videos and descriptive explanations that indicate where each finger goes so optimize typing.

From here, you can do exercises with different levels of difficulty. You should avoid mistakes and try to do it as quickly as possible. Best of all, the texts chosen are news examples online, so you will type words from the usual vocabulary in texts of all kinds.


The free typing course provided TypingClub It is available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Slovak.

As a game, you must type words with your fingers correctly and without making mistakes. You can repeat the test as many times as you want and you will get your precision percentage and your speed in beats per minute.

The course combines videos with practical activities in order to learn and practice what has been learned instantly. Plus, each quiz is like a game, so you’ll have a good time while improve your skills typing.

From a few letters to full texts, going through rows and wordsThe course is divided into chapters and sections that cover everything you need to know to write quickly and correctly.


Test your keyboard speed or learn all the tricks that typing offers on the fly. Ratatype has a free course and a test for assess your progress and your skill at the keyboard.

This page also has an ergonomics section that explains how to position yourself in the seat in front of the computer and how to place your hands on the keyboard.

In addition, it displays a list of scores of all users who have achieved score more than anyone. Thus, the speed test becomes an activity in which you must improve your own record and the scores of others.


Consisting of 27 step-by-step guided lessons, Cursomeca It allows you to learn typing in Spanish but also in English, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.

From the most basic, such as the position of the hands and the use of each key to writing full texts, the course has your own speed test to check how fast you write from your computer keyboard.

You can do the test freely at any time. The course, however, requires that you previously registered, although the process is free.


Free typing course, speed test and typing games. ARTypist it has everything to be your source of learning and improvement typing.

The course can be followed in Spanish or English and consists of ten lessons. The first, basic positioning of the fingers, and the last, the little finger. In addition each lesson consists of 14 exercises to practice theory previously explained.

Within the course you can do additional practices and check if your statistics indicate that you are improving or that you can still go faster.

The speed test indicates the time taken to write a specific text at random, the speed in beats per minute and your precision in percentage. Finally, the three typing games allow you to practice while playing.

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