For years we have seen a clear separation between desktop and portable gaming devices, both on PCs and consoles. However, the success of hybrids like the Nintendo Switch has led us to see new proposals such as the Alienware Concept UFO, which would add a greater technical section to this portable concept; or the even more curious One GX 7, which directly turns a Windows laptop into a gaming machine.

We thus find ourselves with a small notebook only 7 inches, which in addition to including a renewed gaming aesthetic with RGB lighting under the keyboard and on its back, would become the first computer of these dimensions to incorporate compatibility with 5G networks, and the first to integrate two small removable controllers on the sides.

In this way, to the keyboard’s own functionalities, it would add all the capabilities of the joy-cons, without the need to carry any additional device. And it is as if it were the Switch itself, these drivers will leave the body of the computer, allowing us to play with them wirelessly. What is not clear however is whether, given the presumably light weight of the One GX 7, we will also have the option of holding and using these controls directly to the computer.

And unfortunately, it seems that We are still far from seeing the One GX in action, beyond the few promotional clips that One Netbook itself has distributed on its social networks.

In fact, the specifications of this new notebook are still a complete mystery, with the sole confirmation from Intel, which will mean the presence of the latest generation Ice Lake or Tiger Lake processors.

In addition, given its small size and the promises of quality and gaming experience, this choice of hardware could end up leading not only to a remarkably high priceit might involve some battery and autonomy problems, as well as dangerous temperatures and overheating for both hardware and player.


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