Telephones, televisions, speakers, more and more smart devices that are turning our homes into true digital homes. But if there is something that marks the beginning and end of our home, it’s your door.

That is why we could not overlook the arrival of the new Nuki Smart Lock smart locks, an automated lock system controlled through our smartphone or our home network.

As described by the company itself, we find ourselves before an electronic key turner, So we can fix it on practically any door with a bolt. However, our recommendation will always be to fix it on the internal side, and on a door that we can assure to open manually from the outside. And is that wide compatibility This smart lock will allow us to install it on:

Double cylinder locks (euro profile)
Swiss round cylinder locks
UK Oval Cylinder Locks
Knob Cylinder Locks on Hardware
Vertical Key Channel Locks
Posts with shield or rosette fittings
Doors with knobs or handles

In this way, in addition to a very well-accompanied tutorial in the mobile application itself, the Nuki Smart Lock presents a great facility when it comes to installation, in great contrast to other smart locks from the main brands.

The upgraded version of Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 does not change the external design of the original, but it does come with very well thought-out enhancements. The first of these is a sensor that attaches to the door frame next to the main unit, designed to prevent Nuki from locking the locks when the doors have not finished closing or are locked. Although the calibration of this magnet requires quite a millimeter precision, once we managed to align it correctly we have been able to prove a really good efficiency.

Another point to highlight is the fact of being able to be calm in the fact that we will not be locked or with a locked room since, although the Nuki Smart Lock works with four AA batteries, its autonomy promises a shelf life of up to 6 months with average use between 8 and 10 opening or closing operations per day. Apart from that, while there are less than four weeks of autonomy, and until we make the replacement, we will have a persistent notification that will remind us that we must make the change, from about 4 weeks before the batteries run out and repeating it regularly.

In our case, the double cylinder is a decisive factor, since since on the side where the Nuki lock is installed we will have a key permanently inserted into the door, only this type of lock will allow us to use and turn a second key from the other side.

Protect and access your home wherever you are

Thus, one of the main attractions of these smart locks is their availability and remote control, mainly focused through the control of the mobile application, available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

However, the connectivity of the entire set of the Nuki Smart Lock is provided by Bluetooth 5.0, so in order to really control it really remotely, we would have to resort to Nuki Bridge: a small plug repeater that will allow us to connect the lock with our WLAN network, and therefore, its total access from any point through the Internet.

In this way we can also synchronize our smart lock with the Nuki Web tool, which will also allow us to control the Nuki Smart Lock without the need for a smartphone, something really useful given the enormous damage and loss factor that these devices usually suffer.

Finally, although in our case we have not been able to access an iOS terminal during the tests, the Nuki Smart Lock has a direct integration with Apple HomeKit, so we can synchronize our lock to this smart home environment without the need to resort to any accessory or additional outlay.

Availability and price

We can already find the Nuki Smart Lock with a base price of 229 euros. However, whenever we want to access the rest of the accessories, we will have to incur a new disbursement, so we recommend that if you are interested in this smart lock, first take a look at the different packs available.

Among others, we can find the Nuki Multipack Opener Combo containing the three products shown in this review, yes, raising its price to 427 euros (currently on sale for only 349 euros).

Although it is undoubtedly an inexpensive solution, this time it is worth mentioning that it is a really rewarded price, with a safety set of high quality of materials and operation, together with a reliability that more than sufficiently compensates for the choice compared to other products.

Final assessment

Build quality9.5


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